CycleTrader Reporting

If you only use your Cycle Trader account to list motorcycles, you leave money on the table. Their Market Insights tool has several features that are included with even the most basic package that will help you sell more motorcycles and be more efficient.

When you go to Cycle Trader and log into your Dealer Center, the first page you land on will have a tab called Market Insights on the left. This tab has three subcategories – Market Interest, Market Connections, and Market Activity. 

The first one I want to go over is Market Interest.

Market Interest is a fascinating view into your local DMA and the nationwide data that Cycle Trader collects daily. Some filters allow you to break out new or used or type. Typically I will come here for used unit information and choose to see the make, model, and trim level. Then sort the report by Listing Page Views. One of the primary benefits is that Cycle Trader will cross reference your inventory with the DMA results.

So to back up a little, what I am looking for is the following:

  1. Listing Page Views shows which units are the most active in the DMA. It also shows the top model years, but this is less important. Mainly we are looking for Make, Model, and Trim.
  2. After this, I want to see the Quantity in the DMA. Sure, there might be a high number of Page Views, but if there are 150 of those units in the DMA, then do you want to compete there – or where there are 20 units, and you have 4 of them in your inventory?

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