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Setting up a new ESXi 7 Home Lab

Upgrading my VMWare Server

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My home lab serves both my personal and work environments and is a source of fun to maintain.  Its very helpful with work planning.  My original VMWare server was built in 2012 using a 4 core cpu, 32g of ram and a Synology NAS (DS212J).  The requirements for my current setup were finding this host somewhat restrictive, along with the fact that I would like to upgrade to a new version of Windows Server.  Somewhere in the planning I decided to implement a 10g network which ultimately cost almost as much as the server upgrade.

How We Thrived During the Pandemic

Preparedness and a willingness to take on risk rules the day

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I take a look at how a good disaster plan is important and how it helps to give dealership owners breathing room to make key decisions during a crisis.

Why Turning Over Your Registrar Login is a Terrible Idea

Your domain name is a vital part of your company's assets

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Before you agree to turn over your domain registar account to a developer you need to read this article.  You should consider this article when you are working with a developer on a new website and registering a new domain.  Understand your intellectual property and its value as well as the hazards of losing control of your domains.