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Why Turning Over Your Registrar Login is a Terrible Idea

Your domain name is a vital part of your company's assets

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Before you agree to turn over your domain registar account to a developer you need to read this article.  You should consider this article when you are working with a developer on a new website and registering a new domain.  Understand your intellectual property and its value as well as the hazards of losing control of your domains.

Why Am I Obsessed with ROI?

Whether as an employee or as a business owner I still believe in counting the pennies.

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I dislike the idea of any area of a business being a black hole for expenses. Granted, some things are hard to quantify, but every cost and its resulting return should be something that is understood.  Especially in a fast paced environment such as a start-up where everyone is stretched thin.  It is just too easy to bleed cash from an area where someone simply doesn't have the time to watch all the corners.

Using Tech Investments to Evaluate Your Marketing Efforts

Your business has invested the money and time into obtaining state-of-art technology for your dealership. Use it to improve your marketing

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When you are operating a dealership that has invested in a quality phone system, a top-of-the-line CRM, showroom/door traffic monitoring and a detailed accounting system then you must find a way to link all of these together to monitor your marketing spends.  It goes beyond that, in terms of monitoring all aspects of your business, but for our purposes today lets talk about marketing and business health.

Why You Need to Handle Your Marketing In-House

Here is my take on some points to consider when dealing with the constant barrage of dealership marketing programs

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Everywhere you look there are people offering to market your motorcycle dealership.  From the company that provides your website services, to the powersports manufacturers, to dedicated marketing agencies. There is no shortage of people ready to put you ahead of the competition. This may sound strange coming from someone who has done lots of consulting work in the past, but the truth is for a motorcycle dealership the best solution for marketing is to handle it in-house. There are several reasons I say this, and I would like to offer my insight.