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Strong start to 2019 for Motorcycle Sales

From lead counts to sales, every month is getting better

This has been an astonishing start to 2019 for our dealership. I hear reports that the economy is slowing down and that motorcycle dealers in particular are experience declining sales, but it is completely the opposite for us.  All three of the locations are experiencing from 25% to a 100% increase in leads.  The inbound phone calls are breaking records as well, and we are looking to shatter the sales record for March at two of the three dealerships.

It’s a combination of many things, but certainly our inventory is much stronger this year.  The sophistication with which we shop for bikes that draw attention and move quickly within the DMA’s has greatly improved.  I have developed new tools to analyze market trends and promote bikes that are more likely to bring traffic to the websites.

There is quite a bit of work to be done to improve our SEO technics but it is a time consuming task.  There are so many things going on at the moment that it is on the back burner for now, but our organic results are still strong, just not as awesome as I would like.

It all points to a strong year.  I had high hopes when my lead counts were at June levels in January for the Chicago location alone.  Lots of interest, lots of people wanting to get a motorcycle and start riding early in the season.  Once the weather warms up I plan on being out there on my bike too, so keep your eyes open for riders and everyone stay safe!

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